Nurse Call

Nurse Call System

The Nurse call system is the most advanced patient care system in the world. It is the product which has so advance features that it helps in providing maximum efficiency of the nursing and health care staff in the hospitals. It is the advanced technology for the modern health care organization.. It meets all the requirements of the forward-looking health care management. The system has 16 different call types with user-definable texts and priorities are offered as standard, in addition to:

    • Doctor call, enabling nursing staff to alert the relevant doctor in and emergency.
    • Nurse call, so that additional medical support staff can be summoned.
    • Patient Call and WC call allowing patient to summon medical staff from bed or WC.
    • Diagnosis call, which is automatically activated by medical equipment used to monitor vital bodily functions.
    • Cardiac alarm, to summon the resuscitation team immediately in life-threatening situations
    • Special and special emergency calls, to which specified functions can be assigned to suit the requirement.
    • Service call, allowing the patient to summon staff for specific non-medical purpose.