Public Safety

When natural disasters strike or catastrophic events occur, existing infrastructure is disrupted and compromised, power and communications fail, rural areas are isolated and urban areas can become impassible and dangerous. Maintaining civil order, conducting search and rescue operations, and providing relief distribution becomes highly problematic. lrad500x Using ground based and helicopter-mounted siren-systems, law enforcement and civil authorities can clearly broadcast critical information and warnings in multiple languages over 2 miles in any terrain and environment. siren-system broadcasts are far superior to bullhorns enabling emergency responders to communicate through building walls and into vehicles. Siren-system are self-contained and do not rely on external power and communications infrastructure. pb_LRAD-360_1 Rugged and power efficient, Siren-systems transmit focused, multi-language voice commands and warning tones that can be clearly heard and understood over background noise in any type of terrain and environment over distances from 200 yards to 1.5 miles. The wireless kits provide the Army National Guard with multiple options for deploying siren-systems in a variety of applications. Siren-systems broadcast safe, but powerful voice messages and warning tones that help keep soldiers and civilians out of harm’s way when Army National Guard units are deployed during foreign, national and regional actions and emergencies. lrad-navy