MEDIA-CONV-H550/H350 | RUCKUS Fiber Backpack (Gen 4)

MEDIA-CONV-H550/H350 | RUCKUS Fiber Backpack (Gen 4)


Fiber to the room deployments require an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) device to connect wireless access points (APs) to fiber media. In most cases that means deploying an additional device in the guest room. Installing an ONT along with an AP leads to wire clutter, device power, safety and other challenges that can impact room aesthetics. In addition, most ONTs today are fiber type specific and don’t support interchangeable SFP transceivers.

The RUCKUS Fiber Backpack is a field installable, Fiber-to-Ethernet Media Converter accessory providing customers with a fiber Optic Network Terminal (ONT) backhaul interface for the H350 and H550 wall-plate APs. It simplifies Wi-Fi deployments for fiber-ready hotels/ MDUs. The fiber backpack is designed to integrate with the H350 and H550 APs, and can also be used as a standalone media converter with the use of an optional front cover. It supports both PON and Fiber Ethernet 1GbE SFP modules. It also provides PoE to power the attached H350 or H550 AP.

Provides fiber backhaul option for RUCKUS H350 and H550 APs.
Converts the AP Gigabit Ethernet uplink port to fiber via an SFP transceiver
Supports a range of transceivers including PON and Fiber Ethernet 1GbE SFPs
Provides power to AP by converting DC input power to PoE out
Single power source for both the AP and the ONT backpack
Attaches securely to the back of the H350/H550 AP between the AP and the wall outlet
The fiber backpack can also be mounted side by side with any AP with the use of an available front cover

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